Third Grade, “It’s an Earful”

Students will learn how farmers grow and harvest corn, dissect corn kernels, investigate types of corn, and explore how corn impacts our lives.


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It’s an Earful lesson plan

It’s an Earful slideshow

How do we use field corn? worksheet

Supplemental Resources

Background Information


Resource Kits (available from DeKalb County Farm Bureau)

  • Corn Literacy Kit – a wealth of books and resources about corn
  • Adventures Around the Farm – lessons and materials to teach about farming

Lessons & Activities online

Books in your school library (donated to elementary schools in DeKalb County)

  • Biofuels by David & Patricia Armentrout
  • Corn by Elaine Landau
  • Corn by Gail Gibbons
  • Corn by Margaret Hall
  • Corn: An A to Z Book by Susan Anderson & JoAnne Buggey
  • Corn in the Story of Agriculture by Susan Anderson & JoAnne Buggey
  • Corn Belt Harvest by Raymond Bial
  • From Kernel to Corncob by Ellen Weiss