Remote Learning Resources

Each “shelter at home” school day, Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom staff post Everyday Agriculture videos and activity ideas based on a theme. We loved “Ag in My Cabinet” and the scavenger hunt-style BINGO game, but there are MANY more ideas to check out!

Can you create a farm that can sustainably feed a growing population? Play Farmers 2050, a free animated farming game with no ads or in-app purchases. Journey 2050 is a school edition of the game.

Several activities from the National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix have been adapted for e-learning, like making desktop greenhouses or bioplastic. Find out “Who Grew My Soup” with a read-aloud and try related activities!

Did you know that a ripe orange might look green, or that cranberries float? Do you ever wonder how garlic is grown? Check out the How Does It Grow videos to learn how the produce we love is grown and harvested.