Farm Matching Game

Print and play our Farm Matching Game  at home!

1. Print game rules and facts about each picture.

3. Choose pairs of cards, shuffle, & place face down to play.

2. Print two copies, double-sided. Cut apart on dotted lines.

✲ Print these full-page versions of the cards for use as posters.

✲ Print & cut for vocab matching. Print double-sided to make flashcards.




Thanks to generous funding from local pig farms, the Pipestone System, and the DeKalb County Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, each DeKalb County family registering a child for kindergarten in 2020 will receive the game. The games are included in “Kindergarten Readiness Toolkits” developed and funded by the DeKalb County Community Foundation.

Local farms supporting the game are Advantage Pork, Elite Pork, Future Pork, Independence Pork, and Precision Pork.