F.A.R.M. Bags

Food & Agriculture Resources Monthly Bags are resource bags children can use to investigate agricultural topics with their families. Supplies to create the bags will be available by request during each month of the school year.

How it works:

  1. Each month, we offer an activity and resources based on a food or agricultural theme.
  2. FFA chapters, teachers, homeschool groups, youth leaders, or public libraries submit requests.
  3. We prepare supplies for pickup at the Center for Agriculture.
  4. Requesting entities pick up their supplies and organize them into individual bags.
  5. Requesting entities distribute the bags.

FARM Bags include:

  • Information about the month’s theme (Ag Mag or fact sheet)
  • Instructions for a hands-on investigation
  • Supplies needed for the activity
  • Links to suggested videos for further learning
  • Recommended books