Second Grade, “From Moo to You”

Students will learn how dairy farmers care for their cows, make their own butter, and learn why dairy products are important in a healthy diet.


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From Moo to You lesson plan

From Moo to You supporting slides

How to Make a Little Bit of Butter/Butter-Making Song

Dairy Recyclers/coloring page

Supplemental Resources

Background Information


Resource Kits (available from DeKalb County Farm Bureau)

  • Dairy Cow Capers AgriLearning Kit – books & resources on dairy farming, nutrition
  • Food & Nutrition: Primary Literacy Kit – explore a wealth of books & videos
  • Nutrition Bracelets Kit – make bead bracelets representing daily food group servings
  • MyPlate Pocket Chart – sort food picture cards onto large MyPlate chart
  • Food Models & Lessons – 200 life-size food photos and lesson ideas
  • Fun with Food & Nutrition – engaging food activities including The Farmer Grows a Rainbow lessons and P.E. activities

Lessons & Activities online

Books in your school library (titles donated to elementary school libraries in DeKalb County)

  • Cow by Jules Older
  • Life on a Dairy Farm by Judy Wolfman
  • Cows by Sara Swan Miller
  • Raising Cows on the Koebel’s Farm by Alice K. Flanagan
  • Dairy Cows: Keeping Wisconsin Green (DVD) by Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board
  • Clarabelle: Making Milk and So Much More by Cris Peterson