Second Grade, “From Moo to You”

Students will learn how dairy farmers care for their cows, make their own butter or ice cream, and learn why dairy products are important in a healthy diet.


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From Moo to You lesson plan (butter)

From Moo to You lesson plan (ice cream)

From Moo to You slideshow

How to Make a Little Bit of Butter/Butter-Making Song

Dairy Recyclers/coloring page

Supplemental Resources

Background Information


Resource Kits (available from DeKalb County Farm Bureau)

  • Dairy Cow Capers AgriLearning Kit – books & resources on dairy farming, nutrition
  • Farm to Plate Literacy Kit – explore a wealth of books & activities
  • Nutrition Bracelets – make bead bracelets representing daily food group servings

Lessons & Activities online

Books in your school library (titles donated to elementary school libraries in DeKalb County)

  • Clarabelle: Making Milk and So Much More by Cris Peterson
  • Cow by Jules Older
  • Cows by Sara Swan Miller
  • Life on a Dairy Farm by Judy Wolfman
  • Raising Cows on the Koebel’s Farm by Alice K. Flanagan
  • Tales of a Dairy Godmother: Chuck’s Ice Cream Wish by Viola Butler