Ag in the Classroom

Like everything in education, this year’s AITC program is a little different! (Okay, a LOT different.)


✔︎  Instead of our usual in-person classroom presentations, have provided supplies for hands-on lessons (see themes below) supported by a Bitmoji classroom with video instructions and related games and activities.

✔︎  All supplies are consumable and may be used in the classroom or at home in remote learning.

✔︎  Supplies will be delivered to schools during the week of March 8.

✔︎  Incorporate your AITC lesson when it best fits your schedule.

✔︎  The CONNECTIONS Magazine Cover Design Contest entry deadline is May 7, 2021. If you plan to use your AITC activity to prepare students, please keep this deadline in mind. (See contest rules and entry forms.)

1st-2nd grades – Why Farms Matter

Students will explore how farming connects to their own lives.

What are farms, and why do they matter? In this lesson, students will trace products they eat and use every day back to their farm origins. Students will then make living seed germination necklaces as a reminder of how farmers grow the products we need to survive.

3rd-5th grades – The Science of Agriculture

Students will discover ways in which agriculture relies on science to produce food and other products.

From soil to seed to grocery store, agriculture revolves around SCIENCE. In this lesson, students will learn about several scientific innovations in agriculture. They will also make their own plastic from corn and explore superabsorbent polymers.