Ag Literacy Ambassadors

Help us promote our agricultural literacy programs and resources in your school building! Our goal is to have at least one Ag Literacy Ambassador in each elementary, middle, and high school building in the county.

What Ambassadors do:

As an Ambassador, you are the main link between our ag literacy program and the teachers in your building. Ambassadors are asked to:

  • Attend the fall Ambassador workshop to refresh your knowledge of programs and resources available.
  • Distribute the Illinois Ag in the Classroom calendars in your building.
  • Deliver the annual book donation gift bag to your librarian or media/learning center assistant.
  • Speak briefly at a staff meeting about our resources and programs. Let others know you’re available to answer or refer questions to us regarding farm & food-related resources.
  • Share with fellow staff the ag literacy information we mail or email to you.
  • Share/promote

Ambassador perks:

  • Be the first to hear about new opportunities and resources.
  • Attend a special workshop to explore new lessons and activities.
  • Receive free classroom goodies!

Ag Literacy Ambassadors (as of November 2023)

  • Brooks Elementary – Josh Baie
  • Clinton Rosette Middle School – John Murray
  • Cornerstone Christian Academy – Donna High
  • Cortland Elementary – Leslie Larson
  • DeKalb High School – Dayna Anderson
  • Dummer School – Monica Winckler
  • Founders Elementary – vacant (Mrs. Rohlman)
  • Genoa Elementary – Kaki Johnson
  • Genoa-Kingston High School – Toni Gabriel
  • Genoa-Kingston Middle School – Sandy Arndt
  • Haskin Elementary – Monica Sartori
  • Hiawatha Elementary – Melissa Irick
  • Hiawatha High School – Josh Dodge
  • Hinckley-Big Rock Elementary – Kristen Delisio
  • Hinckley-Big Rock High School – Tracey Sanderson
  • Hinckley-Big Rock Middle School – vacant (Ms. Torman)
  • Huntley Middle School – Kendra Lucas
  • Indian Creek Elementary – Julie Lovett
  • Indian Creek High School – Lisa Fleming
  • Indian Creek Middle School – Emily Butler
  • J.R. Wood Elementary – Melissa Benson
  • Jefferson Elementary – Brenda Woker
  • Kingston Elementary – Dana Timmermann
  • Lincoln Elementary – Danelle Cassidy
  • Littlejohn Elementary – Joanie Novak
  • Malta Elementary – Carri Flewellyn
  • North Grove Elementary – Joy Walter
  • North School – Kristina Jordan
  • Prairie View Elementary – Kim Gudmunson
  • Sandwich High School – vacant (Mr. Darnell)
  • Sandwich Middle School – vacant (Mr. Heilemeier)
  • Somonauk High School – Jenny Wold
  • Somonauk Middle School – Joanne Zaleski
  • South Prairie Elementary – Kelsey Gilmore
  • Southeast School – Jon Walter
  • St. Mary School – Sue Pelikan
  • St. Mary’s School – Mary Iwans
  • Sycamore High School – Pam Olson
  • Sycamore Middle School – Carol Slutz
  • Tyler Elementary – vacant (Ms. Dority)
  • West School – Laurie Jacobson
  • Woodbury Elementary – Sarah Rogowski