First Grade, “More Than a Seed”

Students will explore the steps of crop production, learn what seeds need to germinate, plant corn & soybean seeds, and discover how those crops impact their own lives.


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More Than a Seed lesson plan

More Than a Seed slideshow

crop sequencing photos

Supplemental Resources

Background Information


  • My Growing Seeds booklet – students monitor their growing seeds then draw and describe their observations in a booklet
  • Get Growing – students write and color the natural resources plants need and identify the things people also need to grow

Resource Kits (available as supply kits from DeKalb County Farm Bureau)

  • Farm Charm Supplies – make charm necklaces that symbolize farm features
  • Germination Necklace Supplies – grow live seed germination necklaces
  • Soil Creature Supplies – create creatures with live grass as hair

Related Lessons & Activities online

Books in your school library (titles that have been donated to school libraries in DeKalb County)

  • Beans (Life Cycles) by Julie Murray
  • Corn by Margaret Hall
  • Corn by Elaine Landau
  • Corn Belt Harvest by Raymond Bial
  • From Kernel to Corncob by Ellen Weiss
  • The Super Soybean by Raymond Bial

Books on loan (available on loan from DeKalb County Farm Bureau)

  • One Bean by Anne Rockwell
  • Oh Say Can You Seed (Dr. Seuss) by Bonnie Worth
  • Why the Brown Bean Was Blue by Susan M. Pankey