Fifth Grade, “Exploring STEM Careers”

Students will explore the sorts of careers available in the ag industry, learn about several specific agricultural careers, and play STEM Career BINGO.


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Exploring STEM Careers in Agriculture lesson plan

Exploring STEM Careers in Agriculture slideshow

STEM Careers Bingo/career questions card

STEM Careers in Agriculture list handout

STEM Careers to cut apart for Bingo

Careers Ag Mag

Supplemental Resources

Related Lessons & Activities online

  • Picture this Agricultural Career – Students will conduct research to gain an understanding of the various agricultural careers and play “Ag Career Pictionary.”
  • An Agricultural Interview – Students interview someone in an agricultural career and gain a greater awareness of the role agriculture plays in the economy.

Links to More Career Resources

  • Ag Career Profiles – Each of these Career Profiles highlights a different profession within the agricultural industry. Learn about an individual working in each career and explore salary ranges, education/experience needed, employment outlook, and suggested high school courses. Potential employers and professional organizations are also listed.
  • – Find ag jobs that are available right now in your local area or around the world, read career profiles and search for schools that will prepare you for your chosen field, read up on resume and interview techniques, and much more.
  • Agricultural Engineering – Watch videos illustrating the growing role of agricultural engineering to feed a growing population while sustaining ecosystems.
  • Agriculture and Forestry Careers – From Agricultural Engineer to Wolf Biologist, this section of is a good jumping-off point to explore dozens of careers and find schools with programs to prepare you for those jobs.
  • AgExplorer – This comprehensive career resource will help you explore the broad range of careers within the industry of agriculture; brought to you by the National FFA Organization.
  • Careers in Agriculture – over 40 engaging, one-to-three minute videos provide insight into a wide range of agricultural careers (YouTube link)