Host Farm Field Trips

You can help children understand where their food comes from!

Are you a farmer willing to host school field trips to your farm? We often get calls from teachers wondering where they can take their students on farm field trips. Based on their school location and what they are studying in class (e.g., how plants or animals grow, life cycles, machines, etc.), we provide teachers with contact information of farmers who have agreed to be on our farm field trip list.

Being on our field trip list does not obligate you to host every group. We inform teachers that farmers reserve the right to limit group size/ages, or turn down requests that come at an inconvenient time (such as in the midst of planting or harvest).

We are also happy to support you with suggestions of what to share with students when they visit and how to address topics at an appropriate level for children, visual aids such as posters, or handouts like Ag Mags (topics include corn, soybeans, pork, beef, etc.). For larger groups we can come on the day of the trip to help present, too!

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