Machines Magic

Learn the history of farm machinery & the impact of modern farming techniques. Hands-on exercises identify simple machines within machinery parts & estimate farm costs. Check out this Multidisciplinary Agricultural Integrated Curriculum Kit – it’s mAGic!


• Fantastic Farm Machines
• How John Deere Tractors & Implements Work
• Pioneer Plowmacker
• Tractors
• Usborne Big Machines Tractors

• Natural Choice, The (30 copies)

DVD Videos:
• Farming Technology: Modern Marvels
• Growing a Nation
• Simple and Complex Machines on the Farm

Hands-on Items:
• Field Corn (6 Ears)
• Marbles (in bottles)
•Miniature fan
•Paper towels
• Plastic funnels (3)
• Soybean oil (5 bottles)
• Stopwatch
• Toy car
• Water (3 bottles)

Learning Games:
•Machine Safety Specialists

• History of Farm Implements, The

Resource Binders:
•Machine Binder