Soil Study Literacy Kit


The food we eat, the clothes we wear, even the homes we live in have their beginnings in the soil. Discover the importance of protecting this resource. Learn about soil and conservation with this kit.


Activity Instructions:
• We All Need Soil bookmark lesson

Ag Mags:
• Soil Ag Mags (30)

• Dirt
• Handful of Dirt, A
• Life in a Bucket of Soil
• Soil
• Soil
• Soil
• Soil! Get the Inside Scoop (6)

• Claude’s Got the Scoop on Soil!

DVD Videos:
• Surviving the Dust Bowl

Hands-on Items:
• Soil, Corn, Pig, & Food cutouts
• We All Need Soil bookmarks – blank

Resource Binders:
• Dirt: Secrets in the Soil

Resource Guides:
• Mud, Muck, and Other Wonderful Things

Teacher’s Guides:
• Cycling Back to Nature: Soils Alive!
• Save Our Soil

VHS Videos:
• Dirt: Secrets in the Soil
• Soil: Who Needs It?
• Video & Activity Guides
• Lines on the Land

Visual Aids:
• Sample “We All Need Soil” bookmark
• Soil, Corn, Pig, and Food posters (set of 4)