Food & Nutrition: 4-8 Literacy Kit


Where does food come from? How is it made? How does it get to your table? From growing foods to eating them, this kit has the answers.


Activity Guides:
• Getting into a Food Mood

• 2 Million Years of the Food Industry
• All in Just One Cookie
• Beef: Farm to Market
• Buried Treasure: Roots and Tubers
• Cereals, Nuts, and Spices
• Cool as a Cucumber, Hot as a Pepper: Fruit Vegetables
• Cranberries: Fruit of the Bogs
• Eggs
• Flavor Foods: Spices and Herbs
• Food
• Food & Nutrition Made Easy
• Food and Nutrition
• Food and Nutrition for Every Kid
• Food for the Future
• Food Watch: Protecting Our Planet
• Glorious Grasses: The Grains
• Green Power: Leaf and Flower Vegetables
• Hard to Crack: Nut Trees
• History of Food, The
• Hungry Planet
• Lunch Munch
• Oranges: Farm to Market
• Spill the Beans and Pass the Peanuts: Legumes
• Stinky and Stringy: Stem and Bulb Vegetables
• Strawberry
• Supermarkets: 50 Years of Progress
• Tall and Tasty: Fruit Trees
• There’s What in my Food? Answers to Questions about the Food You Eat
• Tomatoes, Potatoes, Corn, and Beans
• Where Food Comes From
• Working in the Food Industry
• Yes, We Have Bananas: Fruits from Shrubs & Vines

DVD Videos:
• Art of Cheese making, The
• Baker’s Dozen: Lessons for Better Baking
• Eggs 101: A Video Project
• History’s Harvest: Where Food Comes From

Lesson Guides:
• Garden Chef: Cooking Through the Food Groups, The

Visual Aids:
• Clever Catch Food/Nutrition Ball