Apple Literacy Kit


Red, green, or yellow; sweet, tart, or sour; apples can be enjoyed by everyone! Learn how this tasty fruit is grown, harvested, and processed to get to your home. Kit includes books, activity guides, and a resource binder with loads of apple information!


Activity Guides:
• Apples Across the Curriculum

Ag Mags:
• Apple Ag Mags (30)

• Apple Country
• Apple Days
• Apples (by Inez Snyder)
• Apples (by Ken Robbins)
• Apples (by Louise Spilsbury)
• Apples (by Shawndra Shofner)
• Apples for Everyone
• Apples to Oregon
• Apples, Apples Everywhere!
• Apples: Farm to Market
• Applesauce Day
• How Do Apples Grow?
• Johnny Appleseed
• Life and Times of the Apple, The
• Life on an Apple Orchard
• Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree, The

Lesson Guides:
• Apple A Day, An

• Great Apple Crunch Day
• New York Apple Country mini posters (set of 16)
• Washington Apples

Resource Binders:
• Apples

Teacher’s Guides:
• Apple Country

Visual Aids:
• Apple Chain Sample