Water Cycle Bracelets

Create bracelets that depict the water cycle! Colored beads show the paths water takes as it moves through the Earth and its atmosphere. Students reinforce what they have learned by telling the unique water cycle story they create on their wrist.


Activity Instructions:
• Tips for Making Bead Bracelets
• Water Cycle Bracelet

Ag Mags:
• Water Ag Mags (30)

• Cloud Dance
• Cloudette
• Drop of Water, A
• Snowflake: A Water Cycle Story, The
• Water
• Water
• Water Dance

Hands-on Items:
• Beads, blue
• Beads, brown
• Beads, clear
• Beads, green
• Beads, silver
• Beads, sparkling blue
• Beads, sparkling clear
• Beads, sparkling gold
• Beads, white
• Beads, yellow
• Jute twine (30 pieces)

Learning Games
• Water Jeopardy

• Water Cycle: Nature’s Recycling System, The
• Your Hometown Clean Water Tour

Resource Binders
• Water Lessons & Watershed Park Education Guide

Teacher’s Guides
• Keep Our Water Clean

Visual Aids:
• Water Cycle Bead Bracelet sample