Unraveling Fibers: More Than Just Clothes

Unravel the mysteries of the fibers that make up our clothing and a multitude of other items we use daily. Through hands-on activities, books, a video, and fiber samples, discover the origins of many natural fibers such as cotton, wool, and silk.


• Cotton Now & Then
• Fabric Fun for Kids
• From Plant to Blue Jeans
• From Sheep to Scarf
• Hooray for Sheep Farming!
• Life on a Plantation
• Life on a Sheep Farm
• Quilting Now & Then
• Silkworms
• Unraveling Fibers
• Warm as Wool

• Story of Cotton, The (15 copies)

• Cotton: An American Patriot (30 copies)

Hands-on Items:
• Bag of cotton balls
• Cotton kit
• Fabric sample (15 Sets)
• Magnifying lenses (15)
• Metal hooks for spinning
• Wood sticks for spinning
• Wool carding tool, pair
• Yarn

Information Packets:
• Animals and Our Clothing
• It’s a Puzzlement!

• Cotton From Field to Fabric
• Wool Grades and the Sheep that Grow the Wool

Resource Binders:
• Unraveling Fibers: More than Just Clothes

Teacher’s Guides:
• Story of Cotton

Visual Aids:
• Cotton at Different Stages
• Story of Cotton, The
• Wool at Different Stages
• Wool Fiber in the Making