Cranberries Literacy Kit

Learn all about cranberries, “rubies of the bog!” Find out how the tangy little fruits got their name, history of the crop, and how cranberries are grown and harvested today.


Kit Contents:

Activity Guides:
• Cranberry Bounce
• Wisconsin Cranberries

• Clarence: The Cranberry Who Couldn’t Bounce
• Cranberries: Fruit of the Bogs
• Time for Cranberries

• Cranberries: A Healthly Boost of Red
• Neighbor to Neighbor
• Where You Can See Wisconsin’s Cranberry Harvest
• Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center
• Year-Round Cranberry Recipes

Curriculum Guides:
• Cranberries: Positively Wisconsin

DVD Videos:
• Cranberry Bounce

• All About Cranberries

Resource Binders:
• Cranberries