Soil Literacy Kit

Kit update in process.


Activity Instructions:
• We All Need Soil bookmark lesson

Ag Mags:
• Soil Ag Mags (30)

• Dirt
• Handful of Dirt, A
• Life in a Bucket of Soil
• Soil
• Soil
• Soil
• Soil! Get the Inside Scoop (6)

• Claude’s Got the Scoop on Soil!

DVD Videos:
• Surviving the Dust Bowl

Hands-on Items:
• Soil, Corn, Pig, & Food cutouts
• We All Need Soil bookmarks – blank

Resource Binders:
• Dirt: Secrets in the Soil

Resource Guides:
• Mud, Muck, and Other Wonderful Things

Teacher’s Guides:
• Cycling Back to Nature: Soils Alive!
• Save Our Soil

VHS Videos:
• Dirt: Secrets in the Soil
• Soil: Who Needs It?
• Video & Activity Guides
• Lines on the Land

Visual Aids:
• Sample “We All Need Soil” bookmark
• Soil, Corn, Pig, and Food posters (set of 4)