Safety Bracelets

Stop. Look. Think twice. Is it safe? Proceed with caution. Each colored bead on the bracelets children will make is a reminder of what to do to be safe. Kit includes beads, cord, and handouts.


Activity Guides:
• Further Adventures of Ready Rooster, The

Activity Instructions:
• Tips for Making Bead Bracelets

Ag Mags:
• Farm Safety Ag Mags

Hands-on Items:
• Beads, clear
• Beads, orange
• Beads, random colors
• Beads, red
• Beads, white
• Beads, yellow
• Jute twine (30 pieces)
• Safety Bracelet instructions

• Make a Safety Bracelet Poster (2)

Visual Aids:
• Sample bracelets (2)