Corn Literacy Kit

What are the different kinds of corn and how are they used? How do farmers grow corn? Students will learn about our area’s most prominent and important crop. This kit is stuffed with cross-curricular materials: posters, recipes, samples of types of corn and corn products, lessons, experiments, literature, videos, and more.


Information Booklets:
• Corn Fact Book

Lesson Guides:
• Teach Me about Corn

• Corn Production Posters (set of 5)
• Corn: Exploding With New Uses
• Crazy for Corn!
• Parts of a Corn Kernel
• Parts of a Corn Plant
• Popcorn: From Seed to Snack

Resource Binders:
• Corn

Resource Guides:
• Amazing Corn

Teacher’s Guides:
• Corn: An American Invention
• Quetzalcoatl Tale of Corn, A

Visual Aids:
• Biodegradable Golf Tees
• Biodegradable Plastic Tableware
• Corn Plastic Pen
• Dried Distillers Grains (DDGS) sample
• Field Corn
• Field corn tube
• Germ-X Hand Sanitizer
• How We Use Corn: Four Common Products
• Indian Corn
• Kernel-Shaped Corn Facts Signs (9)
• Kernel-Shaped Signs (30)
• Miniature Indian Corn
• Popcorn
• Popcorn Tube
• Starch-based packaging material
• Sweet Corn Photo
• Sweet Corn Tube