Horses Literacy Kit

From rounding up cattle on the ranch to providing therapy for the disabled, horses have changed our world. Learn about different types of horses and their uses today.


Ag Mags:
• Horse Ag Mags (30)

• At Home on the Ranch
• Crazy for Ponies
• Foal to Horse
• Horsepower: The Wonder of Draft Horses
• Horses
• Just Like My Dad
• Leah’s Pony
• Life on a Horse Farm
• Listening to a Horse’s Whispers
• One Good Horse: A Cowpuncher’s Counting Book
• Princess Knight, The

• Horse Facial Markings Poster (set of 8)

Resource Binders:
• Horses
• Magnificent Horse Picture Activities, The

Teacher’s Guides:
• At Home on the Ranch

Visual Aids:
• Magnificent Horse Calendar, The
• Miniature Toy Horses (set of 12 model horses)