Farm Charm Necklace

Farms are the primary source of our food, shelter, and clothing. The Farm Charm reminds us of the importance of farms in our lives and the need to protect the environment. Learn the importance of farming with the adapted text “If it Weren’t For Farmers.”


Activity Instructions:
• What is a Farm? Making Farm Charms

• If it Weren’t for Farmers (adapted version)
• Living on Farms
• Hands-on Items
• Apple & pumpkin confetti
• Corn
• Dried distillers grains
• Farm animal confetti
• Farm Charm bag labels (white, 30 minimum)
• Farm Charm tags (green, 30 minimum)
• Floral moss
• Gold confetti
• Hole punch
• Rock salt
• Shredded paper, blue
• Shredded paper, red
• Soil
• Soybeans
• Yarn
• Zip-close bags 3″x4″ (30 minimum)

Other Items:
• Farm Charm Necklace Learning Center instructions (2 copies, laminated)
• Farm Charm Necklace Learning Center item description booklet
• Farm Charm Necklace Learning Center master booklet