Earth Day Bracelets

The Earth is a circle of interconnected cycles. Where do people fit? Students use colored beads and cord to represent the Earth, its resources, and its life-giving cycles. Great for Earth Day!


Activity Instructions:
• Circles of the Earth Bracelet Instructions (2)
• Tips for Making Bead Bracelets

Ag Mags:
• Earth Day Ag Mags (24) – return to kit

• Farms Feed the World
• Hands-on Items
• Beads, black
• Beads, blue
• Beads, brown
• Beads, clear
• Beads, green
• Beads, orange
• Beads, white
• Beads, yellow
• Jute twine (30 pieces)

Lesson Guides
• Top 40 Hits of Planet Earth

Lesson Plans
• Everyday is Earth Day on the Farm
• Slice of Soil, A

• Agriculture Keeps it Growing

Visual Aids
• Circles of the Earth bracelet sample