Candy & Chocolate Literacy Kit

Explore where candy comes from with this kit. Learn the history of candy and chocolate, and how they are processed today. Kit includes books, teacher’s guide, sample lessons, and video all relating to candy and chocolate production.


• All in Just One Cookie
• Biography of Chocolate, The
• Chocolate From Start to Finish
• Chocolate: A Sweet History
• Chocolate: Riches from the Rain Forest
• Chocolate: The Story of an Industry
• Christmas from Heaven
• From Cane to Sugar
• No Monkeys, No Chocolate
• Official M&M’s History of Chocolate, The

• Jelly Belly Menu and Recipes (25)

DVD Videos:
• Candy: Modern Marvels
• Mr. Jelly Belly’s Factory Tour

• Celebrate! With Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

Resource Folders:
• Candy & Chocolate