Getting to the Core: Apples and Orchards

How do apples grow? Where do all those varieties of apples come from? Learn the answers to these questions and much more! Take an inside look at apples and their history. Includes games, things to make and eat, videos, posters, and books.


Activity Guides:
• All About Apples
• Apples
• Apples Made for Kids, The
• Michigan Apple Educational Kit

Ag Mags:
• Apple Ag Mags (30)

• Apple a Day, An
• Apple Tree through the Year, An
• Apples
• Apples
• Apples for Everyone
• Apples to Oregon
• Applesauce Day
• Hooray for Orchards!
• How Do Apples Grow?
• Johnny Appleseed
• Life and Times of the Apple, The
• Life on an Apple Orchard
• Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree, The

DVD Videos:
• Apples

Hands-on Items:
• Apple cookie cutter
• Apple stamps
• Bottles of tempera paint (2)
• Construction paper, brown
• Construction paper, green
• Construction paper, pink
• Construction paper, yellow
• Paper plates, red (30)
• Paper plates, white (15)
• Yarn

Lesson Guides:
• Apple A Day, An

• Great Apple Crunch Day
• New York Apple Country mini posters (set of 16)
• Washington Apples

Resource Binders:
• Getting to the Core: Apples & Orchards

Visual Aids:
• Apple Chain sample