Eggsploring Poultry: Cracking the Egg

Learn about chickens, turkeys, & more! This kit is filled with books on embryology, videos, poultry facts, games, and other activities. These materials may be used alone, but are a great supplement to the Eggciting Experiments AgriScience Kit.


Activity Guides:
• Adventures with Mighty Egg
• All about Eggs: From Magic to Market
• Flocking Together
• From Egg to Chick booklet
• Poultry Helper’s Guide
• Scratching the Surface
• Testing your Wings

Ag Mags:
• Poultry Ag Mags (30)

• Chick
• Chicken and Egg (accompanies puzzle)
• Chicken or the Egg?, The
• Chickens
• Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones
• Dora’s Eggs
• Egg to Chick
• Inside an Egg
• My Family’s Farm
• Rooster’s Gift, The
• See How They Grow: Chick

• Eggcyclopedia

DVD Videos:
•Eggs 101: A Video Project

Lesson Guides:
• Turkey Time

• Closer Look, A
• EGG-zamining Poultry

• Chicken and Egg

Resource Binders:
• Eggsploring Poultry: Cracking the Egg

Teacher’s Guides:
• Eggs 101: A Video Project
• Incredible Journey from Hen to Home, The (in binder)
• Poultry